Under Pressure

The Dragonfish is a reliable companion even when times get tough. The life of a person can depend on a diving watch. The Dragonfish accompanies the Kryptonaut down to 4,079 m water depth. This corresponds to a weight of 7.3 tons. Theoretically, five vehicles could park simultaneously on the Dragonfish. In order to withstand this pressure, Dragonfish uses a domed sapphire crystal with a thickness of 7mm. This special glass – grown, routed and cut from artificial precious stones - is the second most durable transparent material in the world after diamonds and is distinguished by an exceptional scratch- and impact-resistance, along with a high light transmission. The one-sided antireflection coating of the glass prevents almost all reflections perceived by the human eye. This ensures maximum readability even at extreme depths. In addition, the automatic helium valve makes sure that no overpressure can build up during decompression phase so that the watch glass and seal can not blow. For this reason the Dragonfish is suitable for professional diving at extreme depths.

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